Neil Norman

A highly skilled producer, Norman has worked with such artists as the VenturesQueen IdaRobin Trower, and Savoy Brown. He served as executive producer of 20 Star Trek albums, including soundtracks to Generations and the Emmy award-winning Star Trek Voyager, and produced the soundtrack recordings of Mission: Impossible, The Outer Limits, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


The head of production for the GNP/Crescendo label, and son of label owner Gene Norman, Neil Norman has transformed his band. Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra, into the world’s leading authorities on science fiction-insired music. Dressed in wild space-age clothing, the group, which features Norman on guitar and synthesizer, bassist J. Palmer, drummer Bart Robley, and ex-Tom Scott and Clark Terry keyboardist Bill Burchell, brings the full repertoire of sci-fi music to life.


A session guitarist as a teenager, Norman became resident film scorer as a student at UCLA Film School. He recorded his debut solo album, Not of This Earth, while attending school.